Our Leaders

Pastor Debbie

Debbie – Lead Pastor

Pastor Debbie is a servant and a minister of God who was led at an early age to raise and inspire generations for the Body of Christ. She is a mentor, a spiritual leader and a warrior woman of God who spreads love wherever she goes. She genuinely loves God and God’s people and is always sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit in everything pertaining her life and Ministry for the Body of Christ. Debbie is a strategic leader who aims to raise kingdom disciples. She has been in ministry for the past 21 years serving under different ministries in Kenya, UAE and in Australia as a leader. She has worked in various organizations and after a direction from God, she humbly took up the call to go into full-time Ministry. Together with her husband Pastor Dexter, they have led Ministries in God’s kingdom for the past 7 years through continuously seeking God and stepping out to their calling. They are vessels in God’s Kingdom and under the direction of the Holy Spirit, they have led various Ministries including Encounter Ministry, Arise Global Revival Ministries (AGRM). They have followed in God’s calling to service in support of other Ministries globally.

Debbie is the founder of Arise Daughters of Deborah Ministries – a ministry whose purpose is to support and provide a network for women in Ministry to liaise as well as spread the gospel. Her friendly disposition and understanding of women in ministry has aligned her to lifting up women who have a desire to serve Christ through Ministry. She is keen in challenging and elevating spiritual lives in women and believes in supporting one another to build real relationships in Christ. To have women united in the love for Christ and to advance the Body of Christ globally. She does not hold back from calling out the gift that God has place in the women and to support in any way she can with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. She has participated as a speaker in various Women’s conferences in Australia and is passionate about inspiring people to live for God and to fulfil their God-given purpose. Her heart is always to win souls for Christ and to ignite the fire in the lives of believers to step out to their calling and gifts to work towards growing the kingdom of God. She believes that everyone has gifts and she stands as a servant of God to help and guide others to step out and fully realize and use the gifts to serve in God’s kingdom. Debbie is fully sold out in the service for God’s kingdom and has great hunger and desire for God. She seeks to learn more from God as well as teach. She is a prayerful woman and uses her life with all confidence to be God’s mouthpiece walking in humility and operating under the grace of God. When she begins to speak, “Please listen, I am saying this in all humility”, you would not want to miss what God says through her.

Dexter – Co-Lead Pastor & Technology Coordinator

Debbie’s husband Dexter has served in churches for over 30 years in various ways including participating in the praise and worship ministry, leading a prayer and prophetic ministry, and leading a cross-cultural interdenominational group. Dexter enjoys prayer, teaching the bible, and ministering in the prophetic. His passions are- to help people grow in their prayer life and relationship with God; to facilitate people being delivered, healed, and Spirit-filled by the ministry of the Holy Spirit; and to see people come into a relationship with Jesus for the first time.

Pat - Bible Study & Leadership Development

Pat – Bible Study & Leadership Development

Patrick is the founding Director of SpurAfrika, a not-for-profit organization in Kenya working across communities. SpurAfrika provides education, health and life skills coupled with the Word of God to children and youth living in under privileged informal settlements. He sits on several boards in Kenya, Uganda and Australia. He studied Theology in Christian Ministries and also in Nairobi International School of Theology. He also studied leadership and Management at International Leadership University. He has taught the Word of God in East Africa region and Australia since 2008. He is part of church leadership in Kenya and Uganda. He is an Assistant Pastor in Uganda at Mission House Baptist Church. In Kenya, he is in the discipleship ministries at Nairobi Chapel (parachurch groups). Patrick is also a certified executive coach and additionally loves to teach the Word of God. He is more than willing to disciple anyone into God’s kingdom and does this with humility and patience. His joy is to empower believers in the knowledge and power of the Word of God so as to use this Word to enrich their lives. He has a heart for the growth of people in the Kingdom of God and is continuously mentoring others into leadership.

Perpy - Operations & Outreach

Perpy – Operations & Outreach

Perpetua (Perpy) is God-fearing and always puts God first in everything she does. She is devoted to God’s work and committed in serving in God’s Kingdom. She is a strategic and visionary leader who loves to offer ideas and is always willing to help where she can. She is creative and a people influencer. She has an interesting drive within her such that when she puts her mind towards a mission, she has to see it through. She is faithful and keen to obey God’s Word and believes in taking everything that concerns her before God. God’s love for mankind motivates her to be the best she can be in all aspects of her life, including commitment to prayer, ministering God’s Word, discipleship through mentorship, love and care for people. Perpy was influenced by her father to strive for the best at all times and lives by his quote “you can be anything you want in this world if only you put your mind to it and have God at the centre of it all”. She appreciates learning to equip herself with more knowledge, expertise and understanding. She sees beauty in people and enjoys being in fellowship groups with other believers of God. She is a team player and loyal, will always pull others up her team. She is resourceful, can make something out of nothing and her goal is to help those who are less privileged in society and bring a smile to those around her.

Perpy is a humanitarian and development worker and aims to improve communities/societies around her through sustainable development. She is passionate and keen at whatever she sets to achieve to attain excellence always. She believes in empowering people around her to attain their full potential through motivation, training as well as mentorship. As a trained mentor, she enjoys mentoring young women and girls to give their best at all times. She mentors girls towards believing on Philippians 2:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. The beauty of empowering others is to see people believe in themselves and build on their visions and goals in life as well as encourage them to attain them, and set no limitations on themselves. Perpy loves and respects nature, she loves to travel to acclimatize and interact with people from various cultures and backgrounds. She believes in integrity and diligently pursues to be honest with herself as well as others.

Manoti – Social Media

Manoti – Social Media & HR

Manoti loves the company of her ABBA Father beyond anything in the world and she is passionate about seeing people understanding their identity in Christ and encourages them to live authentically in the revelation of who they are in Christ. She is an encourager, facilitator and devotional translator in the online women Bible study Love God Greatly (LGG); her desire is that everyone will have an opportunity to interact with God’s word by the guidance of the Holy Spirit then proceed to express God’s kingdom on earth. Her teaching and conviction come with love as her only motive.

Manoti is passionate about emotional well-being and mental health. Her desire is to see people becoming and understanding emotionally healthy spirituality.